About Sarah

I have always known I wanted to find something I am passionate about as a career. I decided once I left school I would travel until I figured it out. About 10 years and plenty of random jobs and adventures later, I did!

Taking photos is one of the few times I feel really in the moment… mindful. I get a real kick out of capturing someone’s genuine smile and laughter. I love taking photos of little kids because they haven’t figured out how to fake smile yet!

When people ask me what kind of photography I love, the only answer I can come up with is “anything with people in it”

If I’m out with friends I’ll often set up the timer and be in the shot too, I love being on the other side of the camera and try and do it often so I remember how awkward it can be. Where should I put my hands? Does this angle make my nose look big? Yep, I know that feeling, so will try my hardest to give lots of direction if needed.

You don’t realise how much you change over the years, it’s amazing we can capture those changes and have fun doing it. Let’s get together and chat about your milestone/event/special people in your life you need photos of!